Benefits Of Stand-Up Comedy Documentaries For Public Speaking

One challenge for many people is public speaking. The anxiety and preparation for a public speaking engagement include a lot of challenges, but you can find help from some unlikely resources. The content found in a stand-up comedy documentary gives you a lot of tips and methods to prepare for public speaking.

Learn about the benefits and what to look for the next time you watch a stand-up performance.

1. Stage Preparation

When giving a public speech in front of a group, the physical position of your body matters just as much as the words you say. As you watch a stand-up comedian perform,  pay attention to their body posture. Study how they hold a microphone, stand on the stage, and command the audience.

Some comedians use a wireless microphone while others will speak into a microphone on the stand. The more you watch, the more you can focus on the physical presence. Watch to see how their hands hold a microphone, how close they speak into the microphone, and the different ways their body moves as they go through the set.

2. Handling Crowds

Comedians don't just go through sets without stopping. A big part of a stand-up act is learning how to handle crowds. Crowd members may cheer, clap, laugh, and heckle. Watch to see how a comedian handles the situation and moves on through their act. You can see how they ignore certain aspects, pause for loud cheers, and remain composed.

While a public speech may not have the same interruptions as a stand-up routine, you can learn how to deal with unexpected moments like cell phone ringtones or audible interruptions.

3. Starting A Speech

One of the hardest parts of public speaking is actually starting a speech. Getting over the first hurdle can help you thrive and feel relaxed for the rest of the discussion. When you watch stand-up comedy clips, pay attention to how they start their acts. How do they greet the audience? How do they introduce themselves?

All of these little elements will help build your own confidence. You can practice exact moves that comedians use to help build up the introduction to your own speech.

4. Making Connections 

When comedians do sets, they often find connections throughout the set. Towards the end of a stand-up act, you may notice the comedian recall a joke from earlier in the night. Making connections can help build recognition and interest in your speech. You can maintain an overall theme and tie everything together to create a more cohesive presentation.

Repetition is key when watching stand-up comedy and you will eventually see past the jokes to pick up on the smaller details. If you want to watch a stand-up comedy documentary, reach out to a company like Cross Cultural Entertainment.

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